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October 13 2012

wheel washer

ver were built with a lorry drive through and it happens incorrectly,

Don't get worried there exists a dry ramp system that is 22m long.

Once it's been deployed you can use,

Your tyres is going to be clean, just be sure you clean your shoes.

Your lorry has to be clean and quick when arriving at your destination,

The simplistic interlock system allows fast installation.

They come in angled steel grids which effectively clean,

Your tyres will probably be so shiny, from china they can be seen.

Traffic safety barriers therefore it is all safe and sound,

It may be yours for less than 11,000 pound.

For more information or to purchase this second-hand dry ramp wheel cleaning system please contact us on 01474 533339 or 07970427111

wheel washer

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